Gravel Tires or MTB Tires for Gravel Riding/Racing

I’ve heard they’re puncture prone…have you had that experience?

I’ve got about 500 - 600 miles on my set with zero punctures on a mix of everything from 45 mph tarmac to singletrack (these are the tougher super grounds. I’m actually blown away with the performance. I inspected them the other day and there are a few spots the casing is starting to show through the treads. I replaced them with something similar but narrower for a 210 mile race. I just wish they made them in a 2.0 or 50 mm width, and they are quite expensive.

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Good info thanks!! I’ve been running Continental Race Kings on my Salsa Cutthroat but have been look at trying the Thunder Burts.

It looks like the Thunder Burts are about $85/ea in the US. If you really like them it might be worth buying from … 4 shipped end up at $62.50/tire.

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Interesting video from Ben Delaney with Alex Howes. Needs to be taken with a grain of salt, though, because even though Alex is not sponsored by a tire company his association with Cannondale apparently prevents him from mentioning Specialized, hence no opinion given on the Pathfinder Pro.

For me, my gravel bike came with 45mm Maxxis Ramblers but I replaced them with 45mm Pirelli Centurato Gravel H. I don’t feel very confident on the Gravel H’s as the side knobs are not as big as I’d like and I find the rear tire rolling / skidding out from me. I have 45mm Vittoria Torreno Dry tires and Schwalbe G One RS on order to compare to each other - one of them is going back, though.

Anyway, interested in your thoughts on the video and your recommended tires.

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G one RS is a fast tire, but I second the lack of durability, and I’d say it has less grip through corners than the pathfinder or gravel king SK. I can’t imagine that it has more grip than cinturato H just looking at them


Just FYI, there was a separate thread where this was getting discussed recently: