Gravel Tires or MTB Tires for Gravel Riding/Racing

Yeah that’s where my brain is at, at the moment. :slight_smile:

Totally agree. It’s a fun experience to take a gravel bike up gnarly access roads.

I’m just brainstorming for my wife’s more competitive future racing schedule.


After I asked this question months ago, I went and bought the Terra Speed and Terra Trail tires. They mounted right up on Enve 525s, without any sealant. They have been holding pressure, no sealant, in my basemnt fornover a month! I will ride them once I get my shocks back from annual factory service with the right conditions. I am wondering how they will climb, if I pump them up rock hard, and depend on the actual suspension to do what suspension does, absorb bumps and imperfections. If they still hold traction on gravel climbs while heavily inflated, might be super fast on the descents and flats. I guess it will be a flat bar full suspension gravel bike for me. Might look weird, but its what I got. If conditons warrant a higher traction tire, I also have options.


I skimmed thru the study, and it is a study. Methodology looked promising, sort of standardized, 22 subjects. No data tables. 80w power demand, vibrating crank set. I was hoping for more. The company that makes the erg bike used in the study is Power Plate, which sells excercise equipment that vibrates to burn more energy…