Gravel Tires for Traka 560

Hi All,
I signed up for the big traka, which is around 180miles of gravel and 180 miles Paved. I’m assuming most of the gravel portion is known by people who have ridden normal distances courses.

Given the large amount of paved, I’m wondering if I could get away with something like Rene Herse’s 700 x 44mm Snoqualmie pass tires, or I need some nobbies, which in that case I guess I would resort to the trusty Pathfinders 42mm.

44mm is the max I can run in the bike I want to travel and race with.

Is the gravel there super loose and sandy?

Thanks a lot!

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Take a look here.

Can’t believe nobody in this forum has direct knowledge of the course :thinking:

I asked someone on instagram year ago, I remember that the 200k course was quite fast but semi technical, something like the championships course in Italy. I would like to know too, 560k race is interesting :sunglasses:

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It seems like that we have three paths:

  1. Conservative - Knobies. This will cost you dearly in pavement.

  2. Middle Ground - Pathfinder 42’s

  3. Agressive: Full Slick 44”. Extra Protection. This will suffer if sandy or ultra loose sections are prevalent.

We need more info!!!

Have you tried watching the videos that are on YouTube? I’ve seen a few and it doesn’t look like the gravel is too demanding, but the videos have also not been for the 560, so… :man_shrugging:

Maybe also try e-mailing the organizers for their feedback?

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They have a generic answer. Maybe related to a sponsor brand. Some Hutchinson tires that look like Pirelli Cinturatos.

Yeah. Same boat. Wind looked like the major factor. Tons of easy gravel and pavement form the footage I’ve seen of the 360 2023 course

But every bike I see is running some sort of shallow knobs