Gravel (Race) Controversy?

Looks like euro women also don’t appreciate others not taking pulls.

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Seriously, there isn’t live coverage of the event anyway right? I don’t even understand how you would follow the race itself or know who deserves to win. There surely aren’t spectators like in a big road race are there?

Influencer youtube or instagram posts is 100% of the exposure of the event as far as I’m concerned.

Gravel is inarguably successful and a marketing machine, it’s not really clear that the competitive part of gravel racing is doing anything to sell bikes / merch to deserve bigger prize money…

I don’t understand her criticism…She had to bridge up to Sofia, who had been out there solo. It is not unreasonable for her to have needed some time to recover.

And it didn’t matter anyway since Schiff was clearly stronger and ride off….so what was the problem exactly? :man_shrugging:

I see a lot of the influencer/Youtube/Insta channels are very much entwined with the competitive side of the sport. Certainly all the more formally produced content (like the stuff EF, Canyon, etc. produces) is very focused on selling product and certainly covers the competitive side. How many uswe packs and aero socks did Dylan Johnson help sell as a result of that recent video on gravel aerodynamics?

If you are saying that actual “live” race coverage isn’t helping sell stuff, I’d agree with that since there isn’t much coverage, but the post race gopro footage probably drives a decent amount of traffic.

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This is how I read his post, and it’s my take on gravel. A bunch of people playing on social meida is not a replacement for properly televising a sport. Heck for me…people playing on social media turns me away from it.

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I agree, the more people push influencers the less likely i am to buy the product.

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Give the gal a break. That is a every bike racer and she is speaking in a foreign language. And I don’t really hear a complaint but rather a matter of fact description.

Unlike Boswell, she just dropped the other racer who couldn’t work.

Interesting, I see on pro cycling stats that she never won a pro race. Maybe she was always meant to do ultra events?

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