Got fired by my coach

Why do RHR figures are in the hundreds?

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lol, added RHR while working on a NDA and brain was in legal land. fixing.

Everything else is coming off various WKO reports like this:


and this:

Seen a pretty good paper that looked at the training distribution of regional vs national level professionals. Only difference in their training was volume of easy work. They did essentially the same absolute amount of intensity.

So the amount of intensity doesn’t need to scale with the volume, but they need to do a set amount of it.

I think you’re cautioning against the idea that volume alone can predict fitness?

Not at all….I am a huge believer in volume.

Again, fitness scales with both volume AND intensity….not volume exclusively, as was stated. How they scale, and the limits of each, are different though.

No, don’t give up your cycling! But your coach is right. She doesn’t want to take your money when she can’t offer you anything in return.
You don’t need a coach to enjoy cycling.
Even if it’s just the odd half an hour round the block!
When your kids are older they may enjoy going out with you.
You can always get back to more serious training later in life.
In the meantime, have fun😎


To add insult to injury, we’re sick again; probably the fourth time since January. And no this isn’t abnormal, pretty much all the families in our local area have been sick off and on since January. It is, however, abnormal in that the weather in our area has been unusually cold and wet which likely accounts for the number of illnesses.

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Why don’t you shift your goals towards other things. Speaking for myself, structured training is incredibly soothing for my brain, it is a form of self-therapy — especially hard indoor sessions and outdoor rides. Indoor endurance rides are fine, but they are my vegetables, I don’t nearly draw as much enjoyment from them as from outdoor endurance rides and other outdoor rides.

This time, at least you are not paying for a coach you can’t use.

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I’m sure you mean “spa”. For those of us living in Europe, what you have actually said is that he sent his wife to a grocery store. :smiley:


The divorce would make it more expensive…