Google Advanced Protection blocking macOS TR .dmg download

I tried to download the latest macOS version of TrainerRoad and Google Chrome isn’t happy – “This file was blocked by Advanced Protection”. “Even if you have downloaded files from this site before, the site may be temporarily unsafe (hacked). Try downloading this file later.” :eyes:

Download the Latest Version of TrainerRoad for Your Device - TrainerRoad links to

Perhaps Google AP is as drunk as my Garmin trying to track Openwater swims near tall buildings? Or is always suspicious?

Thanks for reporting. We’re going to look a bit deeper into why this is happening.
Were you able to successfully download the app?

I just tried again. Google Chrome Advaned Protection still complained with the same error. Apple OSX simply said “Chrome downloaded this file today at 18:19. Apple checked it for malicious software and none was detected.” I suppose Google AP is keying off of the part of your download URL and being silly. Other forms of file scanning don’t report anything so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

We’re working on a plan to address this in the long term. As an immediate fix, we can confirm that the URL is correct and we have not been hacked. It’s safe to opt to ‘Keep Anyways’ so that you can proceed with the TrainerRoad download.

Did this get fixed. I may be able to help. . . How do I repro it?