Goldsprint Racing

Just saw one of these events pop up locally as a fundraiser for the pump track they are building in my city. Hosted at a local brewery in a few weeks, bike event at a brewery who can say no? Just confirmed we have nothing going on that day and will be signing up shortly.

Anyone done one of these and have any insight?

From what I gather for those who have not heard of this, after watching a few youtube videos, fixed gear bikes on fork stand type rollers with a speed sensor and you race head to head first to X distance. This event happens to be a 32 person bracket. Races seem to be 15-20 seconds all out sprints. Everyone on the same bikes, I did see some where people were swapping out pedals but mostly it seems like toe clips or exercise bike type velcro strap pedals.

I’m built for racing where kg part of the w/kg calculation isn’t a factor so other than my training never really has any focus on 15-30 second power I might do okay there. I’m more of a masher than a spinner and lately my cadence has been on the low side, so that might be good for getting up to speed but not sure I can hold it.

I have 2 weeks, training tips? I don’t expect to win, just want to make it at least 1 round.