Going into winter

So I’m going into winter and want to reduce my time on the bike and add some gym time. I am not currently on a plan but want to start Traditional Base or Sweet Spot Base. Should I manually decrease my FTP or leave it the same. If I do decrease my FTP, how low should I go. I’m currently at 217…TIA

Why manually decrease? If you’re looking for TRUE off time, I’d actually take a page from the pros and take a few weeks completely off the bike and do other stuff. Lift weights. Walk. Run. Play with your kids (if you have any). Then start fresh with a ramp test and a base plan and go from there. You’ll be surprised how quickly your fitness comes back.


just see where AI FTP detection will take you :wink:
if it’s for example from 6 to 3 hours per week, maybe you can sort of maintain your current FTP, and if not, it will drop automatically (first the levels, then your FTP via AI FTP)

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You always want to train to your current FTP….if you are simply looking to reduce intensity heading into the off-season, then choose Traditional Base vs. Sweet Spot.

As noted, AI FTP detection will take care of the rest and adjust your FTP as needed.


FTP is not the throttle on your training, leave it the same.

If you want a reduction in training, reduce time and/or intensity as you see fit. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend stopping altogether, but variety instead.