Giving up and selling up

I’m posting this with a heavy heart.

As much as I love cycling and everything that comes with riding in them…this is taking up too much of my time.

I am struggling to keep up with the everyday basics of cleaning and cooking and maintaining my home, so something has to give. I have decided to get rid of my gear.

Below is a list of what’s available. Serious inquiries only, and please don’t insult me with low offers. It’s all branded, top gear

Thanks for reading and understanding…

  1. Vacuum cleaner

  2. Dustpan and brush

  3. Mop and bucket

  4. Lawn Mower

  5. Leaf blower

  6. Laundry detergent

  7. Iron

  8. Broom


Would you be willing to separate the dustpan and the brush? I’m interested in the dustpan only. Thanks


haha, very good
I don’t mind people writing in the dust in my house, its when they write the date in it…


This made me laugh out loud. :+1:

I’m also imagining assigning each of those items names to a VO2 workout. Would you do a workout called Mop & Bucket?



How loud is your leaf blower? If the answer is “deafening,” I’m sure my neighbor would be interested, he loves those things. Also, it must work flawlessly at both 7 AM and 8:30 PM.


Also doubles in a pinch as a great cooling fan when on the trainer

I’d like to exchange about 40 emails with you about the mop and bucket, ask for a lot of pictures and their full detailed history in your possession, negotiate a favorable price in which I claim various personal hardships and then ultimately ghost on you. Please let me know when you want to start that process with me. Thanks.


Is there a maintenance history available on the broom?

  1. Wife and Kids

Not sure you should sell the laundry detergent. Or are you planning to buy a life time’s worth of shorts instead?

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I’m not sure if the magic fairies that clean my clothes need detergent to be honest.

Rest assured it’s serviced annually in November. It’s very low mileage as it’s normally only used on 31st October.

As Nigerian Prince, I think we do very good deal together


Dang it. So close and yet so far… I’m actually looking for a paint roller and brush. Can you check again to see if you might have these? I’m retired and have a little time on my hands.


But then who can I bellow at to refill bottles and bring snacks during all the 3+ hour trainer rides? If I stop pedaling I’m ruining the workout

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Will any of these improve my w/kg or bike n+1?

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I can’t wait to share this with my wife. But wait . . . maybe not a good idea :wink:

This thread is gold, this response is, um priceless? :laughing:

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Is the lawnmower a 12 speed?

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