Giant TCR SL (2021)

Does anyone here have the above and can tell me their thoughts on it?

I’m thinking of buying the rim brake frameset to replace my 2015 TCR Pro


I have one, replaced a Sworks SL4 with it. It’s good, no complaints, perhaps watch the videos from “Peak Torque” on YT, he’s done some videos on his, in summary, he’s a fan. The bike does everything well, long rides, crits, climbing, can’t really fault it. Some complain about the resale with the ISP, and the limitations with ISPs for travel cases. If those two things aren’t a big deal to you then you can’t go wrong with it.

Edit: I also have a 2021 Propel Advanced SL0, and that bike is remarkable, it does everything well, even long rides, if I had to pick one, I’d go with the Propel because it’s amazing in road races and crits.

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Thank you

I’d go for Propel but sure it’s DI only, and I’m hoping to swap mech over. From current bike.

Is there much difference in weight between the two?

I have just bought a TCR Advanced Pro (not the SL).

Great bike. Light, quick, not uncomfortable, looks good in the chameleon, £1550 frameset (quite reasonable by today’s standards).

Responsive just on the edge of being twitchy (but YMMV). My brake mounts needed facing (or I got endless brake rub at the rear) which was a minor inconvenience.

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Thanks. What do you mean needed facing?

Don’t think that is correct….current model is Ultegra mechanical. AFAIK, this has always been an option for the Propel.

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Facing a disc brake mount means to machine it perfectly flat.

It’s not necessary on most full bikes you buy, but every now and again happens on framesets. It usually happens because there’s a little ridge of paint somewhere which prevents the calliper clamping exactly perpendicular, so however you set the brakes up, you get drag/rub. A good bike shop will have a tool to do it.


Not much difference weight wise. The Propel climbs amazingly well, if I lived in the Alps I’d probably ride the TCR the most, but for everywhere else, the Propel does a great job.

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The shop should have never given the bike to you if the brake was rubbing, surely they sorted it out immediately?

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I don’t think I’d I get it any cheaper than this.

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It was a frameset, and the shop that built it up didn’t do a fantastic job in many ways. Tbf, they re-bled the brake several times, but couldn’t work out why the fix never worked…

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I have that frame set built up with Sram red axs. Such an awesome bike. I agree the ISP could be an issue for some regarding travel. I built mine up myself and found cutting the post scary AF! You get a couple of clamps with the frame so offers some adjustability for resale.

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I’ve had a few emails back and forth with the store who has the frameset on sale… bottom line is they’re advertising something that they don’t have and have no idea when they’ll get… dicks.