Giant SLR1 Carbon wheels

Does anyone have a set?.. do they have wear indicators?


I have one set of them with 55 mm deep rims. Or just too, now I only have one of the wheels left. I destroyed it, 100% my fault. I like them, feels nice and are durable. Haven’t thought about the wear indicator, and I’m abroad now so can’t check it.

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I have a set but mine on my 2020 propel but are disc brake and do not have wear indicators

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Do they look bound for a bin?

How do they feel? My rear is really worn and has a lovely deep groove from dragging the brake :slight_smile:

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I don’t feel any groove as such…… it’s just the visual that’s a bit concerning.

I definitely wouldn’t worry then!

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Not where you’d expect it… my LBS found that the carbon plate has started to detach…

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They come with lifetime warranty though, so I’d contact giant

I’ve never ran tubeless, but this second hand set I got are set up with tubeless tyres etc. One is holding air and one isn’t.

Is it just a case of adding some fluid to them, rolling them a few times and blow up?

Roughly how much fluid is needed per wheel?

Inspect the thread for any sharp objects and remove them. I generally use around 30ml/wheel. Good sealants are effeto mariposa and I suspect vittoria’s sealant too, Stan’s regular sealant does not really work for me

@ArHu74 thanks, I had two 2oz bottles of Stans, I put a bottle in each and so far so good. I rolled them for a min or so at various angles…… does that mean I can forget about them now?

Do I still need to carry pump?/gas?


I would, I also carry a “Stan’s dart” which I had to use once (took a few tries to get it right ". I only ever needed it when using Stan’s never with effeto mariposa but the latter has a tendency to bubble through tan sidewalls and stain them.

A while ago I bought some vittoria air liners too. A real pain in the ass to set up but with these virtually no chance of ever having a flat again

And yes I carry a pump and cartridges

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Thanks, I’ll get a dart :+1:

So am I right in thinking if something pieces the tyre it will still go flattish but when I blow up it will be repaired?

the sealant needs a bit of time and pressure to do its work but putting in too much pressure before the sealant has set could blow the hole open again. It’s a bit of trial and error.

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Unfortunately not. It’s only 2 years warranty on the wheels here (it apparently differs by location)