Getting your fitness back after 3/4 weeks

So, I was at peak fitness 24 days ago. Since then I’ve not ridden much - 4 hours acweek easy - and fitness has dropped off a fair bit. Most accurate comparisson is 4 minutes watts have gone from 405 down to 380. Repeatability also down.

I’ve two weeks to get as much of it back before I cycling holiday. How should I train?

To get to peak fitness I did -

  • 12 weeks structured averaging 8 hours a week. All indoors.
  • 8 weeks unstrucured, long rides, short rides kom hunting etc averaging 10 hours a week. All out doors.

Only target for the holiday is a 14-16 minute hillclimb. 5% steady.

The world is my lobster timewise.

In 4 weeks of slow riding, you are likely to have lost mostly top end and very little (if any) endurance.
You could use Plan Builder and as a target type pick something that requires a lot of VO2max, or just use Train Now and pick a variety of VO2max intervals. You’ll see, it’s going to come back pretty quickly :slight_smile:

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It’ll come back no problem. TR have done a few podcasts on the topic and IIRC the half-life of muscles is big so although they’ve maybe shrunk marginally they are still there. As to the best workouts to bring them back I could rightly say but I had 5 weeks of my bike in Apr/May 2019 due to major surgery (I did a lot of walking only during that time, at first small steps then building up). Looking back at my calendar which was pre TR varied sessions (ones which contain all zones) interspersed by recovery commutes and some group rides got me back quickly to a level where I was happy. After a few weeks whilst I was in chemo it was similar but with higher intensity sessions and that put me in a good place post chemo. I have let it slip a bit during this c thing :joy:

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Thanks for the reply. Certainly puts my three weeks not cycling as much as I was in perspective! :slight_smile:

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Cheers. Feels like I’ve lost a bit all over but I think you’re probably right about focusing on the high end. Will have a look at that type of workout

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