Getting to the end with less power, back off or quit?

I have just done Galena +1. I have to use a gym bike and have to follow the power on that. I managed to do the first rep on target, but halfway through rep 2 I had to back off. The third set was around 25 watts too low. I kept my cadence at around 90 for all three sets.

Was it better to get to the end as best you can, spin for a bit and then try and get back on target, or quit? I assume the quit option was a no :). My heart rate was consistent so it wasn’t like I was taking it easy. I am interested in any feedback.

Haha, you’re right on the money. Don’t quit if you still feel you can complete the workout, and just reduce the intensity. You won’t get the exact same training benefit in your targeted zones, but at least it’s something. We touch on that here:

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