Generate workout code from web/iphone

Is there a plan to allow workout code generation from the web or iphone app? I schedule these with friends on my work calendar, and it’s inconvenient (only slightly!) to login to the personal laptop just to generate the code. Thanks

Group workout features are only available on the Desktop application at the moment, but we are working hard to expand the interface to include mobile in the future :+1:.

Right, I understand that. I am just talking about generating the workout code itself, not actually doing a group workout. I would guess that it’s just a hash function that creates a code from username+workout combo :man_shrugging:

I’ll share this suggestion with the team to look into :+1:. Due to the way that we are revamping our Mobile apps, Group Workout functionality on Mobile will be released together as one main release.

However, the ability to generate a workout code on the website is something that could be possible sooner, and you can always view the website through your mobile browser if neccessary.


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