Gen 1 Hammer power floor?

Just curious, what is the power floor for the Hammer (gen 1)? My wife just tried using my trainer to do a ramp test and it did not go well. I think if she does use TR we’ll have to use the kinetic fluid trainer, since sub 100ftp doesn’t seem to work well. But was curious to know exactly if anyone else knows for sure (also I did try on lowest gear combo for inertia and it was still dropping power)

Not an defining answer to your question but know as I was finishing the other day my power was around 60-70w on my H1. Was on my MTB highest gearing at the time (32x10).

I looked at her ramp test and it seemed like things stabilized at 70w or so. We have 34-28 as the low gear, and I tried it this morning at 45w and with careful pedaling I mostly avoided 0s but it wasn’t perfect. Since she’s starting she’d probably be better served by just using the fluid trainer if she’s going to be doing TR

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If you haven’t already, download the Rouvy app (and make sure you have the Saris bluetooth/ant+ dongle bc a 3rd party one won’t work) and check to see if there are any updates that your trainer needs. When I had issues with my Gen 1 Hammer, they were resolved with the firmware updates.

I’d also ask Saris (formerly Cycleops) about the power floor. I have done ultra easy rides at 40-70W and didn’t have issues. She can also use standard mode (non-ERG), set to the lower standard setting, and use the gearing on her bike instead.