GCN does medical science

Or rather - GCN helps a real doctor do science. Don’t recall GCN doing the original survey, but the outcome is interesting:

This is the actual research paper: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/2051415820915389

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Sure, earlier studies are flawed, but isn’t this also flawed in it’s own way? I looked through the video but didn’t hear anything about the importance of bike fit.

Following will cause problems, no matter what the statistics say about experienced cyclists (you won’t even become experienced if you combine several of these).

  • Too narrow saddle (especially with no cut-out).
  • Saddle too high.
  • Saddle too far aft (back).
  • Handlebars too low.
  • Handlebar reach too long.

You shouldn’t be sitting on your perineum. Some pressure is alright, as in any chair, but not most of your weight.
And sure, pushing 5+ W/kg will have you hovering over your saddle with little pressure no matter what, so don’t necessarily imitate professionals when you’re doing 2-3 W/kg.


Nice episode.

Just taking the opportunity to raise awareness:


I watched the original video from a while back… it was really great. didn’t watch this one yet… when it popped up I just couldn’t get past this dumbass clickbait title :see_no_evil:

It is really very interesting. Sometimes I can’t believe that nowadays medicine at such a high level