GCN+ being closed, December 2023

Okay. I saw this post from Velo and the comments are filled with people saying on demand replay won’t be available.


To be fair I haven’t read anything from Velo or Max to confirm that but the comments seem confident.

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This Escape Collective article says there WILL be on-demand from Max. The author (Joe Lindsey, who is very legit) said in the comments that this came directly from a WBD/Max spokesperson in response to this question, so hopefully it’s correct.

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There is more conversation about that “super league” funded by Saudis.

I’d say that from the spectator’s point of view, it’s not bad. For the sport, well, I don’t know. But having a better calendar and a homogenous coverage spread all over the place with 1 single source airing, it’s better than GCN+

Unless you get buy-in from the organizers (i.e. primarily ASO), the proposed league is going nowhere…even with Saudi money.

LIV golf proved that by over-paying for golf “superstars” only to have no one watch their events.

The public wants to watch the big events…and they honestly don’t care much who is competing in them (drawing a distinction between “fans of the sport” and the “public” here).

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Understand and Agree.

The point is, that cycling is a niche sport. It looks like only cyclists watch cycling, and only we understand it hehe. So to attract the overall public, who don’t care/understand a points classification, a new approach might work.

LOyd was very happy in his comments, in my opinion.

By the way, just saw (again) news about some big players in the US bundling their streaming services. It looks like real.

The picture gets murkier again. https://www.pinkbike.com/news/warner-brothers-discovery-espn-and-fox-aim-to-launch-new-sports-streaming-service.html

My total speculative guess is that they don’t have the tech to do on-demand currently. They are building it, and that is why they are offering their B/R sports for free now. Once they release the tech to offer on demand, that is when they will start charging.

UAE Tour Women Stage 1 from this morning is now available on demand on Max. I had to search to find it, but it’s there.

Edit: there’s now a section under the B/R Sports tab called Replays (you may need to scroll down a bit) that contains the UAE stage.


This is what I was waiting to hear before subscribing. Thank you


Man, I’m probably about to jinx it, but I have the BR stuff coming up in my MAX feed without having to add to my current subscription.

Replay was easy to find and lots of stuff in the feed to watch in the next week.


HBO is throwing B/R in for free until the end of Feb (or March, depending on the article you read).

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See….told ya I was gonna jinx it. :crazy_face:

I subscribe to Max via YTTV so I hope the latter gives me a way to add on BR. Also any news on what the additional cost will be?

so what’s the TLDR for EU (Germany) folks as a replacement for GCN+?

Reading all the sports that’ll be offered, it just made me think 1) who has time to follow that many sports? and 2) this will surely be expensive.

Haven’t kept up with this entire thread, so my apologies if this is duplicated info

For Americans with a VPN I believe you can get (nearly?) complete coverage with a Max subscription and a free account on SBS

The list of races on SBS (How to watch cycling on SBS | SBS Sport) seems to cover the gaps that I’m aware of in the Max lineup. All three grand tours, monuments, etc.

I imagine there are a couple big races I’ve forgotten that aren’t covered and numerous little ones, so feel free to check my work


Is the SBS broadcast the same as Eurosport’s (Breakaway, same commentary team, etc)?

I’d wager they are using the cheap feed that’s available as the international option on peacock and not paying anything to Eurosport.

They might pay for Australian commentators for larger races like the Tour

I may have to consider the SBS route and cancel my FLO subscription. Will definitely check into it….tha is for the heads up.

I’m firmly in the ‘anything but flo’ camp so was pleased to see the list from sbs. I confirmed it was working last night with the Oman highlights they’ve been posting