Garmin Vector single to dual query

Hi, I have a set of Garmin Vector 2S single sided PM.

I’ve got another set on the way via a 2nd hand bargain from fleebay.

Does anyone know if I can swap the gubbins from the left of one of the set’s into the right of another to give me dual sided?..

I know Garmin did they did an upgrade pedal for S range owners to make their set dual sided, but not sure how head unit’s know which pedal was Left and right.

I don’t think you can turn two single L-sided pedals into a dual sided system. I have a funny feeling that the R-sided pedal pairs with the L which then transmits the data to your headunit. The upgrade is essentially a R-sided pedal, which can’t be used on it’s own.

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Thanks Andy, yeah I think you are right.

The R would probably pair, but the L would be reading double what it should.

You can’t move a left spindle to the right as the threading is opposite anyway.

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