Garmin Training API - TrainerRoad outside workouts coming to Garmin Edge headunits

You won’t be able to change it yourself after we send it :frowning:.

You make a good point though.

In general our philosophy is to do less choices at first, give it to people, then see if we need more choices.

So once we get a few thousand people using it I think we’ll know pretty quickly if we need a parameter for the power smoothing length.


So, is there a way to make the Trainer Road calendar/ Strava recognize that I’ve manually completed an outdoor workout? If that could be seen by people on Strava your outdoor market might explode. Personally, I’m also interested in TR recognizing my outdoor ride too.

Looking forward to the new Garmin system, thanks so much!

I am probably missing the real point of your question, but for starters, are you sync’d between TR and Strava right now?

Depending on the particular setup (marking a ride as outside on the TR calendar, before doing that ride), may well default to associating between the real ride and the one on the TR calendar. I have not done enough of them to know how that works, but it seems I have read others say they get the association automatically in some cases.

Yes, I have the sync set up. TR isn’t recognizing that I did the outdoor workout, it just shows the outdoor ride from the Strava feed like usual, and the planned workout shows as not completed.

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Not yet, but I think we’d all like this.


actually a good idea @Nate_Pearson I think this would really influence the user. I know that for me to get to a certain area takes a lot more than 15mins.
the 3-sec delay is handy too…

Great Work TR team

I saw this come through in the feed this morning from TrainingPeaks saying that the autosync feature is live now with Garmin: Garmin | TrainingPeaks. I’m hoping the TR team will have some news soon as well. I might have to go and get an Edge 530 now as well and move away from my Bolt. Wahoo announced the new ROAM last week, but nothing on the firmware update side to support the workouts…


That would be nice if they could be loaded onto an Edge 500 manually!

Any news on this?

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Yes, we’re still working out some edge cases and improving the experience. We’re eager to get it out :smiley:.


Yes for the 530? Just about to buy one.

Really looking fwd!!!

You can now push TrainerRoad outside workouts to Garmin Edge head units. TrainerRoad Outside Workouts Now Push to Garmin Edge 🎉


Nice work team.

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I’m thumbs up for making this a TR feature too. Maybe independent run training plans come first. Hoping something is on the horizon for a fully automated training on running and swimming

I was hoping the API might open up a bit more. I’d just like to customise my run workouts with pre-set zones instead of typing in a numeric range each time and get them scripted instead of faffing with the UI.

Did my first TR → Garmin outdoor workout yesterday. With hills, wind, turns, changing surfaces, etc, I was immediately reminded how difficult it is to stay in a tight target power zone outdoors, and why indoor is probably best for precise training. That said, when the weather’s good, “outdoors” trumps “precision,” and I’m thrilled to take my TR training outdoors, even if the effectiveness is slightly diminished. In the past, I would abandon TR programming for the summer riding season. With Outdoor Rides, you guys have figured out how to keep me connected year 'round.

Overall, the early execution is pretty good. I still have a few kinks to work out on my end in terms of setting up a specific profile and data display fields. One thing I noticed right away, however, is that the Garmin edge 520 workout API doesn’t appear to like “ramped” intervals, where you steadily climb or descend power. The warmup for my ride, Ruskin, was “Ride for 12 minutes gradually raising your power from 112 watts to 214 watts.” Tough to track along with that on the Garmin, as the training display page only showed a target range of 112-214, and an average power for the entire interval. The original indoor Ruskin has 4 steps instead of a ramp, and, honestly, that would have worked better on the Edge.

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Can someone explain how to run Workout? I was trying twice and can not. Today I started Carpatian on my Garmin Edge 520. It says warm up 17 min. Ok, there was “lap” sign, I pressed it and went into intervals. Description said do 1+2 min 3 times and 9 mins rest. But after first series it went to second series- no rest. So I did all workout in 35 minutes, instead of 75 and no rest (((
What was wrong?

Nothing wrong with you! Could be something with how the workout has been set-up for offline, or a flaw with the Training API.

Rogers +2 had 0 steps, finished soon as I pushed the “Start” button. Had to do it manually. Used Edge 830.