Garmin Rally Power Meter Pedals: Look Road, Shimano Road & MTB

I swear I’m not usually this dense. It never occurred to me to look at retail websites when Garmin’s own site said “check back in 5-8 weeks”. REI claims that I’ll have my pedals on Monday. Cheers!


Yeah, fine to start with the manufacturer, but there are so many independent sellers, there is usually an option to find it somewhere… unless you are looking for chains, cassettes and tubes… those are ALL GONE :stuck_out_tongue:

These came today. Just got them on the bike and took a spin around the neighborhood. The whole process was pretty seamless aside from needing to download Garmin app and having to sign up for a Garmin account just to calibrate them, which I found annoying but not a deal breaker (seriously, couldn’t we, just for once, be able to install a piece of hardware without needing to generate a password with some random website?).

I agree with the poster above that the pedals are chunky. That won’t impact my use cases, but if you’re particularly worried about pedal strikes, maybe get them from somewhere with a good return policy.


FYI, the TR app is likely more than capable of doing the calibration, so you can use that. Not to mention any head unit can do that as well. No need to use the Garmin app just for that.

One main use for Garmin App is updating the firmware when the need arises.


the TR app doesn’t allow to set crank length from what i can tell.


Ah, good point. I always forget that issue.

Calibration on the Wahoo head unit didn’t work on the first try. It just said calibrating for a few minutes until I canceled the operation. I’ll try it again next time I go out.

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A few calibration attempts aren’t uncommon for me in my use no matter what I am using to trigger it.

My guesses are it goes to sleep super quick and/or senses a movement or pressure change.

I’ve never had them just completely refuse to work or calibrate

That wouldn’t surprise me at all. I was just really anxious to get them on my bike and take a spin around the neighborhood before my kid needed me, etc.

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oh - the moment of panic, excitement, and rage rolled into one. cool times.


For those with the SPD-SL version: Do yours rattle when you shake them? On mine the lid where the spring for the clipping mechanism sits behind is loose. They don’t rattle when I’m clipped in, only when no cleats are engaged.

took the rally xc 200’s for a first real ride today. outstanding. calibrated once at the trailhead and again about 25 minutes later at a bridge crossing i had to hike over. clipping in and unclipping were flawless and just like normal spd pedals. in fact, there was no real way to tell from riding that they were power meters. no issues with rock strikes so far but i did clip a root at one point. all of the data is pretty amazing and seems accurate (compared to my indoor trainer).

one issue, however, is the calories burned for the ride is ridiculously low. it showed about 600 calories for a 2+hr ride. the exact same ride before the rallys were installed (and using just the edge 830 and a hrm) would show 1200-1500 calories for the same effort, so something is very wrong. i understand calculating calorie burn from power is far more accurate and i get the logic behind it, but it seems that the implementation of that logic is flawed here in that it is ONLY calculating calorie burn when watts are being produced, completely ignoring heart rate. if i’m spending 2 minutes at 160bpm hiking the bike up a really steep section, garmin’s telling me that counts for 0 calories? 0 calories for going downhill, stopping for a drink or doing literally anything other than pedaling is just incorrect, but that seems like what’s going on here. when i started noticing the issue i took a break at the side of the trail for a few minutes and the calories didn’t move a single digit the entire time. again, i understand the watts/work/calories formula and it’s fantastic, but is deeply flawed in implementation when it’s the ONLY way they’re calculating calorie burn for a ride (completely ignoring HR). i would estimate the 500-600 calories i’m burning during the hike-a-bike sections, downhill sections or just stopping to catch my breath that garmin is ignoring is what accounts for the discrepancy, and i’m not sure how to fix

calorie issue aside, the pedals were a lot of fun today. we’ll see how it all works out, but they may have a real hit on their hands here


Useful info, cheers @Skyewalkr .

Where’s that calorie calc occurring? Is it in the file you’re getting off the Edge, or is it done later by say, Strava or something?

Calorie burn isn’t done by the pedals, and it won’t be any different with any other power meter. If you are trying to account for every calorie, I hope you understand that is impossible. You just need to get in the ball park.

What computer are you using and where are you getting you caloric burn from (the bike computer or a training program)?

It seems Wahoo computers use HR to calculate calories…but when I look at my data in Training Peaks, the calories are based on power (and much higher).

yes from the file off of the edge 830

but if it’s not counting the calories burned when i’m not spinning the pedals then it’s not in the ballpark. as i said, i stood there watching as the calorie count didn’t go up at all while my hr was in the 140s, and it didnt go up at all when i was actively pushing the bike uphill.

also, it is different with another power meter…i use the same edge 830 head unit paired to my stages sb20 with dual left/right power meters, and on the rides in zwift the 830 still counts calories while i’m coasting downhill on adz. outside, with the garmin rally xc 200s, the 830 isn’t counting anything if i’m not spinning the cranks. something’s wrong here…

EDIT: actually, i need to check this. i realized that on the indoor bike i’m recording the activity using the garmin tactix delta as well as with the edge 830. the watch is the file i send to garmin, the 830 i just use as a display and delete after the workout. the watch is what is recording the calories during all phases (actively pedaling as well as coasting downhill). i need to check what the 830 is recording on my next session

ah so it seems there may be an issue with the 830 firmware. there’s a similar issue on the 1030+ which is being addressed with the latest firmware updates:
** Added support for including metabolic calories in the total calories reported in the calories data field and recorded in the activity file.*

apparently at this time it is ONLY tracking power meter calories

Those MTB types - always coasting. Tsk. :sweat_smile:

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@Skyewalkr thanks so much for sharing your impressions. I hope others do this too. I am running the Favero/Xpedo hack, and getting horrible squeaking from the pedal/shoe interface under torque. It’s bad enough that I’m considering swapping to the Garmin.