Garmin Index 10.3% BF?

I’m 5’7” and 140lbs. I just got a Garmin Index scale. I read the instructions and set the activity class thing to 6 since I workout ~5 times a week and pretty low activity otherwise. Desk job and all.

Thing is I clearly have a lot of fat in my belly area. Love handles and everything. What @Nate_Pearson refers to as a software engineer body :wink: Skinny fat.

I have never ever measured my BF before and assumed I was in 20% range all my life. How off can the Garmin scale be? Can it be 10% off?

I always find these “smart” scales completely off, once a person’s BF is below 20%.

Mine shows between 7 and 10%, depending on what Profile I pick. In reality however, my BF is around 15%.

I have the same question. I just bought one. Body fat 11.6% in athlete mode and 23% with athlete mode off. Previous scales put me around 15%. I’ve heard that body fat scales are not very accurate. But this is a wide range. Can anyone explain why?

It seems consistent reading approximately the same each day.