Garmin Fenix showing higher than normal resting heart rate


Since doing an update on my Fenix 5 2-3 weeks ago, I’ve noticed an increase in my average resting heart rate varying from 5-25 beats on a daily basis. I’ve never had this before and wondering if it’s me or the watch…has anyone else noticed a change their RHR with Garmin in the last month?


I have a Fenix 5. I haven’t had that particular issue, but several months ago post an update I did see severe battery drain. I think this has happened a couple of times. I’ve resolved any post update issues by turning the watch off / on, and if not resolved by that there is a way to reset the watch, which I believe found on the Garmin site.

As an aside, if it were me, I’d just verify that there isn’t anything wrong with your RHR for certain by pairing up a heart rate strap early in the morning and making sure your HR is truly where you expect it to be, as opposed to relying on the Fenix wrist based sensor.

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