Garmin Edge 830 speaking gibberish

Recently, my Edge 830 has decided to start displaying nonsense on the navigation screen:

(apologies for photo quality, hard to get it focus while riding and getting the right screen)

This occurs even when I’m not following a route (eg, it’ll say riding on Elm Street, then display the junk), so it’s not like I have a corrupted gpx file uploaded. Anyone have this issue? Along the same lines, it also started scrolling the directions at the top. Previously, it would have the distance to and pictorial turn marker in the upper left and the next street name across the top. Now, it’ll scroll and say “Elm Street…Right on…gibberish…”. I would prefer if it didn’t scroll at all. Anyone have this problem before and know how to solve it?

I don’t have this device but doing a factory reset and then updating to the latest firmware is always a good start