Garmin Edge 530/830/1030 (which one?!) + sensors

I’m mystified by the many Garmin Edge choices, maybe someone can clarify for me:
Edge 530 = best value, bread & butter cycling computer
Edge 830 = 530 + touchscreen
Edge 1030 = 830 + ____?

It sounds like navigating the menus on the 530 is a pain without the touchscreen, so I would probably opt for the 830 or 1030. Anybody have any strong preferences for any of these models?

I think all of my sensors will be supported, but listing them here if anybody sees any compatibility issues: Favero Assioma Uno power meter (needs firmware >=4.05, apparently), Trek DuoTrap speed sensor (Bluetooth, part of bike), Polar H10 HRM (Bluetooth), TrainerRoad

Thanks for any guidance you can provide!

If you think you will make use of the larger screen get the 1030

The 1030 dropped to $449 from $599 a week ago, making them much closer in price.

I have the 1030, and make use of the larger screen for xertonline IQ datafields, and humon hex datafields, and some others, like Windfield. I dithered between the two and am glad I went with the 1030.

The battery life is excellent.

At the risk of being that guy who recommends a product you weren’t asking about, I think y9u should look at Wahoo computers.

The interface and screen setup is SO MUCH easier than Garmin. Plus it always connects to the app and I never have a problem transferring ride data. With Garmin I constantly have to restart the app, etc.

I also think touchscreen on a bike computer is not a good feature on bike computers…not all my gloves are touchscreen compatible, rain/ sweat can interfere with the screen, etc.

Just my unsolicited $.02. :wink:

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I’ve got the 530 and am a fan, but I’m very anti touchscreen. I had a previous touchscreen model and even a drop of sweat hitting it during a ride would change the screen on me, combine that with sweat on my hands/fingers and I couldn’t get it to do anything during a ride. It was beyond frustrating and I returned the device. To be fair though we’re probably talking 2-3 product generations ago so I’m sure they have improved. That said I’m sticking with buttons.

I find the 530 easy to use, but I’ve had the 500, 510, and 520 previously and have had several years and thousands of miles to learn how to navigate the Garmin system while riding. If you’ve used one of those previous models the 530 menus are very similar. Once you know where things are it’s pretty easy.

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The replies were all very helpful. I am considering whether touchscreen would cause problems, like the ones you mentioned. @Power13 In terms of Wahoo, what unit do you recommend i look at? Thanks!

Can’t believe I forgot to mention that rarely ever use the touchscreen. The 1030 has a button for start stop and lap, but I bought this for riding inside and never took it off. It’s far cooler than it looks and useful even when outside.

The 1030 can be made to totally ignore rain or sweatdrops by adjusting pressure sensitivity. It’s not an issue at all.

Garmin vs Wahoo

Wahoo: just works, configure from your phone.

Garmin: Much more customizable. Has an ecosystem of additional programs and datafields. Like any of these ecosystems of apps, there is a lot of junk, but there are some really great ones too. If this appeals to you even in the slightest, go with the Garmin,

If you use navigation a lot, or need help getting to the start of a route, or rerouting back to a route if you get off course, then the Wahoo Roam is the better option.

If you don’t use nav very often or just need basic nav functions, then the Elemnt and Bolt are excellent (And cheaper) choices. Basically the same units, the Bolt is just smaller and more aero. I have had the Elemnt for a few years now and will never go back to a Garmin head unit.

Would love it if Wahoo came out with a training watch so I could dump Garmin forever.

That said, a fair point was made about being able to use 3rd party apps on the Garmins. The only one I ever used was Best Bike Split, but the recommended power field was so small that I could hardly read it anyway with my old man eyes. TBH, I don’t know what apps I would really want for my bike computer anyway…

You can link Best Bike Split to your Wahoo account through the Element app.

I don’t use BBS so can’t comment on how well it works.

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Wind Field that useful indoors of course, but great for outside.

And for those people who use Xert, the data fields are really excellent.

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Thanks…didn’t know that. Haven’t needed BBS for awhile so wasn’t really following. Thanks for the heads up!

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Looks like the button at 4pm allows to scroll between windows, is that correct? If not, does the remote allow you to do that?

I understand the 830 touchscreen is a considerable improvement on the 820. But any touchscreen is going to be really difficult to use wearing winter gloves when it is raining, and ultimately I went with the 530 because the buttons are more reliable in these conditions. I’d rather deal with complexity of menus than “just won’t work in the wet”, but if you only ride in the dry/indoors, the ease of use of the touchscreen may swing things.

I use the 530 with Assioma Duo and TR with no problems. I use ANT+ rather than Bluetooth, but all of those units supposedly support BLE, although Garmin’s advice is to use ANT+ if available.

Personally, I hate touching the screen.

It gets it dirty
It can scratch it

I know it looks totally dorky online, but the garmin remote is key

The remote lets you flip forward with a button tap, or flip back with a tap+hold

My 520 gave up yesterday, and will treat myself to the 530, no touch screen madness venturing here :wink:

One feature often overlooked in the Garmin devices is multiple profiles.

It is such a simple idea and really should be implemented on all head units.

How many people want the same data fields/alerts/options on a TT/Crit/RR/Audax/Tour/Gravel/XC/Enduro

For all the simplicity of setup the Wahoo offers with the app. At least with the Garmin you only have to set it up once and flip the profile when you turn it on.


It is nice. There are some other features I like and use, and the reason I prefer Garmin over other head units.

Having the 510 I can say yes the screen can scratch or not respond when sweaty or wet. I’ve upgraded tot he 530 and prefer the no-touch screen!

But regarding the remote, if you have Di2 shifters + BT wireless module, your shifters can act as a remote! So convenient and more efficient without having to take your hands off the hoods while scrolling through the screens.