Garmin Edge 1040 Released

And the non beta version of the firmware is out now (12.15) with the only additional thing to the release notes being:

  • Increase the maximum rear gear size

Also the 5-8 week backlog they had the beginning of last week has it tracking to be here friday


But the End and the Start of the route are different, so take me to the start, should take you to the start not the end

Also f you get lost on a route, 26 miles into a 28 mile route, I would it expect it to re-route me to the end (which is what mine did to me on Sunday, I didn’t want to take a road that I had accidently put into the route, so I passed the turning and it re-routed me back to the route, to take me to the end), not take me to the start,

A related thought on this… I suspect there’s a big difference for re-routing when there’s a lot of waypoints set. In a car we typically have a single point, the destination, and re-routes simply become the ‘new’ route path. If there are a lot of waypoints set within the route file, head units may attempt to re-route to the last missed waypoint. In short - destination based routing (one waypoint) vs path based routing (many waypoints). Something I have been meaning to test across different bike GPS units at some point.


Same here. I was quite surprised. That gives me some time to get used to it and tweak the screens before Tahoe Trail mid-July.

Printed up a little stand for the window. Surprised by how well it works. According to the app, I gained 4 hours of ride time in a 24-hour period. That was the most, but I’m getting about 2 hours of extra ride time per day if it’s sunny. Solar for the win!

Here’s the STL file. It’s pretty basic, I’m sure somebody could design a better one but it works.


I thought it only charged while turned on? Is that wrong?

Nope. Charges anytime, “charging occurs even when the device is in sleep mode or turned off.” Straight from the manual.


Awesome. Thanks. I would have sworn I heard the opposite. As a result, I never even considered buying it.

Might sound like a bit of an odd question but will the solar charging lens slowly degrade over time (years) and eventually affect its ability to recharge the unit using daylight?

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I was actually wondering the same. My parents have had solar panels on their roof for 15 years without issue, that’s in CA getting 100+ degree sunlight all summer. Those may be designed to be a little more robust though. Seems weird to worry about sun damage on a solar panel screen but only time will tell I guess.

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One other caveat to be aware of with solar charging is that if you leave it out in the sun sitting on a table in the summer, you’ll get diddly squat. That’s because the Edge 1040 stops solar charging after it reaches an internal battery temp of 45*c.

Which, isn’t that hard to reach as I found out last week in Greece, sticking it out in the sun each day. I actually get better outside charge times in Amsterdam, because it was cool enough to keep it from pausing the sleep charging. Of course, while riding, this isn’t an issue since the wind cools the unit (same concept as why GoPro’s only really ever overheat in static environments).

(Also notably, the watches have higher shut-off temps)


Solar panels do degrade with time, however I don’t know if that is due to temperature, actual sun exposure, or just time passing. I think it is on the order of 10ish% in 30 (or maybe 20)years, they typical warranty for rooftop solar.
In the context of the lifetime of these devices, I don’t think solar panel degradation is something to worry about, unless the type of panel used in these is substantially different in regard to aging.


I’m sure the screen will last at least until we decide to purchase the Edge 1050 :sweat_smile:

Neat little mount you have there, great idea!

(Point a fan at it so the internal battery temp doesn’t hit 113 degrees, lol)


It has the benefit of being in my air conditioned apartment.

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Just to confirm, I believe if I understand the wife approval rules correctly - if you send me the window stand files, does that then justify me buying a 3D printer? I mean, again, just trying to confirm the rules of engagement.


As long as the ratio of prints stays close to 1:1 of stuff for me to functional prints for the wife, I think you’re good. Though you may have to front load the functional prints to get over the initial purchase. I made some bathroom organizers and she accepted the offering.

Plus you can print so many different things for the bike. Made some cool bar ends and a mount for my Varia for my SL7 seatpost.

All joking aside, I’ll post the file tonight. I made a slight update and added a little support bar.


If memory serves I believe there is precedent - is that how it worked with the pizza oven?


Make a nice bright PRNTR sticker.

Call it “research”… you know for Wahoo. Maybe stack an Oreo or two along side for comparison.

Boom. New 3-D printerPRNTR!

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I guess my subconscious really wanted the new model. Failed to lock down my 1030 correctly today. It went flying when I hit a pothole, and was immediately run over by a car.


I don’t understand how Garmin’s go flying. I’ve had friends have them go flying during a ride while riding next to me, but I still don’t get it. I’ve hit potholes that have sent me flying. I’ve been hit by car which also sent me flying. I’ve hit pot holes that have snapped my front wheel (carbon). But never has my Garmin dismounted!

In any case, condolences! May your 1030 RIP. That said, you going 1040 regular or solar :smile: