Garmin 840 new distance PR not

I deleted all the old rides on my 840 but one, a 102 mile ride. Yesterday I rode 60 miles and got a new distance and TT PR. Has anyone had the device do this? Is there some setting gone amiss?

You can transfer your existing records to your new garmin. I forget how exactly (I think its through Garmin Express) but my distance record was recorded on my old 1000 and at some point I transferred it to my 1030 and 130+. I had to do similar with my speed records.

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The 100 miler was recorded on the 840. That’s why I questioned the new record announcement.
60 is less than 100. Just a weird glitch I guess.
Possible an update scrambled its brain.

Maybe. I delete my Garmin’s memories often, particularly my older units, they’d becone incredibly slow and buggy if you didn’t, and Ive never lost a record. Perhaps look at the Garmin Connect web site under "Personal Records " to see if the correct activity is there. If it is click “Send to Device”, which will sync it via Garmin Express to your 840. Good luck!

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What’s there?

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Funny ….on that it shows the 100 miler as the longest.
Weird that the device would tell me I had a new distance PR of 60 miles.
Strava shows longer but that was when I had a 5 series.

try doing what HLaB said:

“Send to Device”

Ok thanks everyone