Garmin 530 - need Map?

Hi can anyone help?

Going on holiday abroad soon and hired a bike for a few days.

I’ve made a couple of routes on Strava that I can sync to my Garmin 530.

Am i right in thinking I don’t need to download any maps and will ClimbPro still work as usual?


Yes you will need maps of covering where you are going to if you want navigation. If you don’t want navigation then it doesn’t matter. It depends on where you are going and what maps you have on your unit whether you may want to download any maps. You can get maps free from here: Use the Latin1 Garmin maps. The UTF ones won’t work.

ClimbPro works anywhere. It uses the elevation data in the route file so maps are irrelevant for it.

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Thanks… I’ve started downloading they latin1 maps for the area.

I think I will need navigation, I though the Strava route would have that on it?

Would Climpro work even if I never installed the maps, from the Strave route?


GPX routes from Strava or other route planners don’t include navigation. The navigation prompts are generated by your Garmin by comparing the route in the route file to the installed maps.

ClimbPro will work without maps as long as you don’t have turn by turn navigation turned on as without maps your Garmin can’t create the navigation prompts so it will fail to follow the route. If you follow a route without using navigation it would work.

ClimbPro will only work if the route file has elevation data so whatever route planner you use will need to include that. The Strava route planner does as far as I know.

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Thanks, I think I know what you mean.

I’ve got the map, it was already on my Garmin, and have now got the route/course(s) on it, although it still has older local courses that aren’t Starred in Strava on the Garmin… I’ll try another few syncs.