Fueling with psoriasis (or any type of inflammatory autoimmune disease)

Hi folks

I know there are posts that discuss at length proper fueling before, during and after workouts for the “normal” athlete. What I am trying to figure out is what people who have autoimmune diseases do. I have psoriasis and taking on 50-60g of carbs (malto:sugar) mix just wrecks my intestinal system not to mention flares up my psoriasis like crazy.

Does anyone have any tips on avoiding this cramping pain etc? Any advice at all on how to fuel given my issue? I feel like malto alone seems OK, but is not optimal for intake of carbs while exercising.

Thanks in advance

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If malto alone does well, look at Hammer Nutrition. They seek to avoid all added sugars.

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Not sure if there is one answer. I have UC, which you would think would make me sensitive to digestive distress, but I’m not. Perhaps it’s because I have mine controlled, but even when I had some observable inflammation I’ve not really had any issues with sugar. Sugar for most people can be trained. Perhaps you need to work your way up by starting small and then moving to higher levels.

I also do straight sugar. I don’t mix malto and sugar. I mix about 3 parts sugar and 1 part gatorade powder for flavor.

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This might be more the issue. Working up slowly. I may take this approach or just go the route of what @fljones3 and try the Hammer products.