Fuego 1.0 with old bike

Hello guys,

Are any of you using a Fuego 1.0 with a 7 speed cassette ?
For his 20% max simulated incline, I am very interested to buy one. But, I have to be sure that I can use it with my old bike. I contacted the customer service to ask them. Unfortunately they don’t know there products. They only told me what is written on their web site.
So, if you use it with a “vintage” bike or if you have tried to do it, your comments are of great interest to me.
Thanks in advance,


Can you provide a link to the exact trainer, and maybe more info about your bike?

Thank you to answer.
This is the hometrainer: FUEGO 1.0 (dare2tri.com)
And on my “vintage” bike, I have 3X7 Shimano RSX .
I would like minimum 15% slope simulation, buI I think the best I can find is this one :
Tuo: Interactive indoor trainer - Elite (elite-it.com)