FTP - TR and NP

I’m using a Kickr17, usually without a PM plus I ride outside with a Stages PM on a different bike. I know my Kickr reads lowish relative to the Stages. I’m fine with the TR ramp test derived FTP for indoors and short of doing an outside field test I’ve kind of been guesstimating my outdoor FTP.

Anyway, yesterday I did a handicap road race on rolling terrain. ~70min, 42km with just under 700m of climbing. Would the NP for this race be approximate to my outdoor FTP?

Thanks in advance.

Depends what the variability index was.

Definitely a hard effort, but not out of the range of possibility depending on your anaerobic contribution and rider phenotype. All of those big digs will massively inflate NP.

I wouldn’t adjust FTP and I would just stay on plan.

Not for this race. VI was 1.18. Needs to be less than 1.05 to use NP as FTP.

Good strong ride though, looked like a tough one💪

Cool, thanks all. A shock to the system when all I’ve really done for the last couple of months are short crits and a few MTB rides!