Frustation with Plan Builder

This is annoying…
and no…its not a feature, but a bug…
If I click anywhere in outside of the pop-up of the event information, the window will go away and all the information will be lost!

This is not acceptable… if there is an X (there is) then that should be the closing… Clicking anywhere should not close and certainly should not make the data to go away!

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Closing a modal with click n the background is a decision that has been made by someone, so unlikely this is a bug. It is personal preference, I would say that closing it this way is very common these days.

Oh I am well aware of this.

I would be ok with HIDING (not closing) the windows. If i click again, the non saved info should be there. But just destroying the window and deleting the information is not acceptable.

I have made this on apps, I know it can be done.

Ah, the age old debate on the modal (and modal dialog) escape hatch.

Stack overflow might be a better place for this (you can report a bug to TR without posting in the forum).

Edit: Stack overflow might be a better place to debate the nuances of various escape hatches in modal windows and modal dialogs.


I mean…
Does TR have a stack overflow?

if not then this is a forum question… hence why is on the Software area…

When in doubt, an email to is likely the best place to start. They are super quick in addressing those entries and get some level of resolution or clarification (even it it’s just the way it is meant to be).

Forum posts in this area may get seen, but the email is a more direct and controlled path by comparison.


I will email the address to this post!


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