Front of seatpost storage

Just received the marketing email from Garmin about their new Edge 130+ and 1030+ devices.

Not in the market for a new computer. But what intrigued me was the front-of-seatpost storage box in their photo. Can anyone identify it?

Probably just a normal top-tube bag, but at the seat-post side - I’ve done this before


The are generally designed for that spot although as WildWill pointed out in some cases you can repurpose a top tube bag.

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Its a Topeak toptube bag


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That looks horrible. My legs rub the seatpost and top tube as is.

Thanks all for posting - especially @rogerchua for identifying the specific model.

I might experiment with my existing top tube bag in that position for any potential rubbing before splashing the cash for seatpost-specific one.

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