Flywheel training experience?

Just saw this flywheel squat platform at the PTs yesterday. Since my shoulders are kaput for at least another year I was musing on how to do some weights training. Has anyone used the flywheel squat for training at all? A quick google makes it look damned near perfect. Especially for someone who cans load up their shoulders.

They are definitely great training tools; very challenging, as you will be applying force against resistance on both the positive and negative of any movement that you do with it.

For example, with a barbell squat, you would be resisting gravity+external load on the way down, then applying the force to overcome both on the way up. With the flywheel squat, you would be pulling yourself down into the bottom of the squat (rather than resisting), and then overcoming on the way up like a traditional free weight squat.

A kBox can be a bit pricey, however you could also build your own for a couple hundred dollars – I have seen How-To’s online.

I didn’t use it, one of the other clients was on it. I was using the cone kinetic trainer on my shoulders. I had found it to be a remarkable device. The load was all dependent on the effort you could put in and was consistent across reps. That squat version looks to be just what a cyclist should be doing. Judging by the traffic on this thread it’s not that well established yet.

I can see how a home brew version would be very easy to make.