Flo Cycling Podcast: Episode 29: Can AltRed's Patented Beet Extract Make You Faster? Guest: Jeff Van Drunen

Interesting podcast that popped into my feed this morning, haven’t had a chance to do a full deep dive into the physiology but some of you might like a listen. Some of it sounds like marketing hype but do trust the flo guys to at least be open to exploring ways to make us faster and not just as a marketing money grab alone. I haven’t tried beetroot supplementation yet or this product but there seems to be alot of interest from others in different threads

Looks like its a digested beetroot concentrate to me.

Some clinical studies showing it works but I haven’t had a chance to read yet



Yes, very good podcast. The founder is very knowledgeable about food chemicals and the science of how his product works in the body. The supplement is not cheap. $50 for 30 pills It looks like they have a brand ambassador program tp promote the product. You can get 15% off using code BGOLDMAN-ALTRED. I just found it by google. Not affiliated. http://runningwithoutinjuries.blogspot.com/2018/04/altred-betalains-review.html