First TrainNow workout...very creepy

So I had Black picked out tonight for a variety of reasons…not least because I’d never done it before. Thought I would do Black tonight and White tomorrow and Gray…well, never. I’m not Chris21.

But, on a lark I clicked on TrainNow to see what was up. TrainNow suggested Black.

Very creepy, TrainerRoad. Veeeeeeeeery creepy.




My Plan Builder plan calls for Clark this morning. Thought I’d take a look at the TrainNow suggestion. Mt Hale +3. Hit Refresh and got Nightcap!

Can you guess which one I’m going to do? Plan Builder for the win! :grinning: :+1:

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Did you have Black in your calendar? Maybe if there isn’t a strong preference for you to do a certain type of workout, TrainNow just goes with whatever you scheduled. Would make sense to me.

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When I first started with TrainerRoad I did Black a lot. An interesting workout with change every 3 minutes.
I have a coach but yesterday was a rest day but I had taken 3 days off after not feeling well from the Covid jab. I used TrainNow and it suggested White -1 which I had never done before. Fit the requirement very well.


It’s probably just creepy coincidence. Skinner’s superstitious pigeons.