First race on Zwift with new Kickr bike?

Just got my new Kickr bike (V2), and I figured I’d check out Zwift.
Any suggestions for a first race that suits a n00b with a middling FTP (mid 200s; < 3.2 w/kg)?
Mostly want to check out the tilting feature, see if it’s really as immersive as billed!

Not a specific race recommendation, but Sand & Sequoia’s or the original Hilly (and reverse) routes in Watopia are good options with climbs and rolling terrain a plenty.


Titans Grove if you want a ‘just riding along’ rollercoaster. Get there fast with the “Muir and the Mountain” route on Watopia. Remember to press the unlock button on the Kickr Bike control unit too, or it won’t tilt at all.


Jump in the Race Like a Champ race series this week. It’s only week two and races are going off every couple hours. This week is New York and the course changes every week. This series will have more participants than most races, which allows you to have a better chance of finding a group. At your W/kg you should be C cat.

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