First race in 3 years - race report

So today was my first race since the pandemic began, it’s a hilly 30min crit in my hometown on a 3km lap. I entered in the cat 3/4/5 race. My goal for the day was to not get dropped like last time…
With 97kg and a FTP of 331, I’m not exactly a punchy climber. But I’m stubborn and thanks to TR I got a decent ability to repeat my Anaerobic pushes. Every time we came the first climb I tried to ride at my own pace and sandbag it, but a group of 3 got away on lap 3 after a very strong attack that I had no chance of following. But 2 of those where cat 3 so podium on cat 4 was still possible!
So I kept my tactic and did not want to spend any matches on covering attacks on the last 2 laps, wich worked well enough since everyone else in the group were willing to work.
The sprint comes after a 180 wide turn at the end of a downhill strech, I managed to not get swarmed but lost a few positions before the sprint started. But it started early, 350m and 3% incline. I first tried to follow the wheel in front of me, but when he started to fade I swung left and sent everything I had left.
750 watts for 30 seconds destroyed me, BUT I managed to snatch THIRD place! I super happy with the result.

Me on the right

My awsome third place trophy!