First Outside Ride with Power


Been off the bike completely for the past 10 months due to patellofemoral pain. Finally got the all clear to ride again and decided to treat myself to a power meter for the first time (Assioma Duo). I’ve trained with power for a good few years indoors previously but always just used HR for outside rides.

Got the pedals this week and used them yesterday for the first time - Went out for a general fun ride just to try and correlate feeling with an actual number. First half of the ride I set my Bolt to my normal HR and cadence screen and didn’t look at the power just to get some data and just rode normally. Second half I looked at the power (3/sec avg + 30/sec avg) and tried to do some playing about holding a variety of wattages.

Mega learning experience both good and bad:

On the good side I ballparked my off the couch FTP at about 220 but came out with an IF of 0.95 for a nearly two hour ride that was not particularly hard (I tootled along talking to a random old guy for at least 10 minutes at one point). So I definitely need to retest outside and get some accurate figures.

On the bad side

I always thought I was smooth with my power delivery but unfortunately not. Looking at the power data from the first half of the ride shows that every little rise I’m putting out 350+ watts and then backing off massively over the top and on the flat.

I’m massively overgeared, lots of shortish but steep (15%+) climbs round my area and I’m having to push out big numbers even moving slowly in 34-28. Going to be impossible to do any z2 rides otherwise.

Holding a steady power is REALLY HARD and I’m rubbish at it.

Overall a good experience but a bit daunting to realise how much there is to learn going forward; and a bit disheartening to realise that something you thought you were good at (being steady and not freewheeling everywhere) is definitely not true.


An 11-34 cassette would likely allow mostly sticking to z2, with a few short exceptions.

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Yeah I think it’s the only option, although I’ve had my eye on a Endurace with Rival AXS which has a really wide range. Have to see if that’ll fly with the Mrs though first, haha!!

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