First Fondo less than a week after a cruise, what to do on cruise?

Hello, I am doing my first Gran Fondo (Whistler, BC) less than a week after I get back from a week long cruise. Any suggestions on what I can do for fitness while on the cruise to at least try and maintain what I have fitness wise while also enjoying family time?
If I can touch anything up that would be great too.
There is a gym for sure, probably a pretty nice one. Should I do some strength & core workouts, treadmill in zone 2 to keep and build aerobic base, stationary bike manual intervals or program, …?
Thank you

Enjoy the Cruise. Remember vacations bring on their own type of stress. Training your core is a always a good idea no matter what you are doing. I would do some general fitness to keep your mind focused but i would just enjoy the family time. That can do wonders for your well being in general.

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They almost all have spin classes that you can pay for. I’ve gone as far as bringing my own power meter pedals but that’s probably overkill.

Aim for 2-3 “all out” spin classes. Do that and “replenish all your glycogen” and you’ll probably be in good shape for your Fondo!

Don’t worry about weight gain too, just enjoy it. If you do gain try to lose it after your event. Losing it the week of your event is a very bad thing to do.


As above, plus body weight strength exercises. (Plank, press-up, crunch, calf raises, and if you have some easily liftable luggage …squats, shoulder press)

Train before the family are up (as always).

Prefer lunchtime/afternoon for any alcohol so you can rehydrate before bed.

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All the strange things people do to get high PBs on the power chart :wink:


hit the stationary bike. this is a great reason to have a year round gym routine so you can focus on that during forced times off the bike