First date during the quarantine

…with Mary Austin -1.

I hope she buys me dinner. This is my first TR training plan - and my first encounter with this workout… So far it’s the only one where I looked at it and thought… “I should make a specific playlist for this ride

Questions: Should I strive for completion at any intensity (lower than 100%)? Or should I leave it at 100% and if I fail… then I fail… Part of me feels like if I know I can just lower the intensity, then I will - so I’m leaning towards this being a binary pass/fail effort but that could be poor training practice… would love to hear others thoughts -

Thanks! and nice knowing y’all…

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I wouldn’t treat it like something different than any other workout. You’ve got a few doozy’s coming up after this one, so I wouldn’t give this one more power than any other. Given that, how you handle adversity is up to you and maybe a game-time decision. I think the standard best practice is to lower intensity rather than end the workout early. However, I struggle with that as usually once I decide to do that I’m kind of toast anyways, so I would say aim for 100%, but lower if you need to.


I’d do it as prescribed. No reason to just create your own workout protocol out of thin air rather than use TRs plans and ramp test FTP. Especially as a first timer.

That said - dont beat yoursef up if you dont complete it. All of the overunder workouts are tough, and this one in particular is a bitch. Just attack it as best you can. If it crushes you from the getgo and you have no chance, just accept it and continue on with pettit or something to get some work in.

For what its worth…i’m in my second season with TR. I didnt really make it through ANY of the overunder workouts unscathed last year lol.

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And yea regarding the above comment - absolutely lowering the intensity a smidge in the middle is great if it allows you to complete it…but I dont see that being the difference maker with this workout.

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Thanks for the advice! I realized the error in my post and corrected it regarding intensity. I don’t think I’d ever go above 100% - I was thinking either: complete at any lower intensity OR go all in at 100%.

I feel like Mary Austin is one of those workouts that seem daunting before you do it, then its not so bad once you actually do it. I have more issues with workouts like Mitchell.

Don’t psych yourself out!


Go all in. Get thru the first set, then reward yourself with a gel, you’ll be fine.

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Woof. That was tough. She got me at the end. I was experimenting with some different nutrition tactics but I’ll still chalk this up to the mental plug getting yanked. Next time…

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Looks like you did just fine. Hit the first two sets perfectly. I’d call that a victory. Don’t look back and analyze too much. Just attack the next session with confidence.

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That actually matches pretty well what I accomplished on overunders my first season. I’d generally hang jn there for an hour of the 90 minute workouts, then i’d start to go off the rails.

I think a combination of better aerobic base combined with better fueling will make a big difference for you in the future.

Like I said…I remember very distinctly not being able to nail those workouts…and it wasnt a mental thing. Now a year later I can complete them, and 10 minutes later feel fresh enough to go do an hour or two of endurance riding outside.

You’ll get stronger, just keep at it. Make the goal to go just a little farther than the last time in each workout like that, and dont expect of yourself to complete it, just to empty your tank.

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Thanks all for the support and insights - I concur with everyone here - lock n’ load for the next one!