First Brainstorm Sketch of Adaptive Training

I’ve heard a few people on the forum talk about how they thought Adaptive Training was in response to “fix” the ramp test.

This is not true, but I realized I haven’t done a good job sharing the origins of Adaptive Training.

Here’s my first ever sketch of getting AT out of my head and on paper. I did this on a long international flight in 2017 (The ramp test wasn’t even a thought in our head until spring 2018).

Goals were:

  • Get people the right workout by sending them through progressions and break out Vo2/Threshold relationship to be individual
  • Do proper week loading and adjust plans/intra week workouts appropriately
  • Handle qualitative measures to adjust your plan (IE not feeling well).
  • Have priority workouts for the week (the most important ones)

As you can see below, I tried to do this with TSS/IF/TSB/CTL/ASB but I don’t think it’s actually possible to accomplish the goals with just that (hence why we’ve developed so much new stuff for AT).

We’re still executing on this sketch. Redlight/Greenlight handles the intra-week programing and priority workouts. AI FTP Detection will allow us to hold progression levels longer and between phases.

And we have more ideas to get more qualitative data (and quantitative data via other health devices).

Anyways, I thought this would be enjoyable for some of you. And good luck reading my handwriting :smiley:.


You mention having goal/priority workouts for a week. When setting up a plan I can see and modify the easy/moderate/hard days but later I have to remember what they are. Is there a way for the calendar to display what AT is considering as the priorities for the week?


This is awesome! You’re doing a great job in my book! Without bashing others I will say you take criticism very well and I appreciate all you do for people like me. I could go on and on but I’m sure there are plenty of others just like me who are very thankful to hear from the CEO on a daily/ weekly basis. Cheers :beers:


To be clear, there’s stuff in that sketch that is NOT in AT.

The priority days are not in AT yet. Redlight/Greenlight is going to handle that.


And now we know what it looks like inside Nate’s brain :rofl:
Keep up the great work Nate/TR!


Love the transparency, @Nate_Pearson

I know there are plans for unstructured rides to be considered by AT in the future, but how would that affect plan builder if, for example, I only wanted two indoor workouts/wk during mtb/enduro season? Do you foresee a way with AT to cut the structured rides to 2 on LV? I sent a similar question into the podcast, but it was more focused on how to use Train Now, in-season, this summer after my plan is over in May.

My biggest thing, is I’d rather be out riding in the summer than inside on the trainer and I don’t have a power meter or a head unit to be able to monitor RPE workouts. But, I know there is benefit to staying on top of training during the season.

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I think we should be able to support this in the future. I don’t see why not. I’ll bring it to the product team.


Great job guys. I’ve been on TR since I properly started training a few years back and have definitely evolved over this life span.

Exactly because of this though, I am wondering whether in the future there actually will be a way of assessing whether the training phases should perhaps include 2 or 3 hard workouts each week and propose valid alternatives should the system find that these other workouts are more productive instead based on individual performance indicators (I.e. over the past years I never made gains during build perhaps because it was too intense oriented for me).

Right now AT edits the single workouts but not the design of the plans.

I know this sounds like a very advanced train now built into AT, but it would be extremely cool to have such tools in x number of years. This would really be the replacement of human coaches.

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