Finished Base 1 (6 Weeks) And 2 Questions

I used plan builder to make my calendar. I just finished Base 1 and do 3.5 hours a week on 3 days a week (T/Th/Sat). I’m supposed to go right into Base 2 on Tuesday. I also weight train and do a program called Body Beast M-F. I really enjoyed the change in work out type this last week in Base 1 and overall don’t feel burnt out or like I’ve over trained. Pretty sure I have made good gains all around. Here are my 2 questions:

  1. Would there be any reason I would want to put a rest week in between what I just finished and starting Base 2? Plan builder didn’t put one in.

  2. I find that during many of the workouts to get the proper cadence I am slightly above the power that is recommeded. I’m thinking it may be due to my improvements over the 6 weeks since my first ramp test. Is it preferable to be this way compared to being slightly below the power recommended? I use an Elite Suito and use ERG mode but find I still would rather find the proper gear for my training compared to staying in the same gear for the entire workout.

Did you do 6 weeks of base 1? The last week is a recovery week, so you don’t need to add a week between base 1 and base 2.

Base 2 should start with a ramp test, which might help set a higher ftp if you feel your workouts got too easy.

Regarding the gear selection - if erg mode is working correctly, you shouldn’t be able to ride above target powet by changing to a different gear. Erg should keep you close to target (there will be fluctuations) regardless of the gear you’re in. The only reason to shift gear is that the trainer might have restrictions, where a low gear can’t create a high power (it hits a ‘power ceiling’) or a high gear can’t drop the power low enough (sits on a ‘power floor’). But it doesn’t sound that’s the case for you.

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Yes, I did 6 weeks of Base 1. Ahhh, no wonder the last week was easier relative to the other weeks. Got it. Not sure I am following you regarding the second point. I have the unit in ERG mode. Let’s say my RPM is recommended at 116 and I am supposed to be 85-95 with cadence. I am always in the large front ring for all of my training. I am usually in the middle to the small cogs in the rear for my training. Being in a certain rear cog at a comfortable pace to keep my numbers. Then, if I am supposed to go to 156 power and stay 85-95 cadence I have been finding it better go to a lower rear cog as compared to just pedaling faster which makes my cadence too high to keep the power accurate. Many times I wind up just slightly above the power the program has me to keep pace at. Are you saying the ERG isn’t working correctly? I do seem to feel the unit change difficulty as the power changes so I feel that ERG is doing what it is supposed to.

You shouldn’t need to pedal faster or change gear in erg mode. You can pedal along at something like 90 rpm, in the same gear, all the time. When the demand power changes, the resistance will change, so that you make the new power in the same gear and cadence. If anything, changing gear or cadence will only confuse the trainer and make it slower to react.

There is an article about erg mode on here somewhere, I’ll see if I can find it.