Finding Combination Workouts

One thing I really like about TrainerRoad is the way the team keep updating the search and filtering options. I can now find sweetspot workouts with bursts, or threshold intervals with longer efforts…

However, one thing I struggle to find is ‘combination’ workouts. They’re the ones with a bit of everything in them. Wincel, or Pavillon, are good examples. Workouts with a bit of sweetspot, threshold, and VO2 work in them. I’m a new dad (in fact, my nine week old daughter is currently asleep on my chest as I write this), and I’m hopping on the trainer whenever I can, but I’m pushed for time! Those combo workouts are really effective, but also really fun. They feel like being in a race!

So, Trainerroad, please could you give us an iron to filter for those?

And in the meantime, Trainerroad forum users… What are the best combo workouts? Of all durations, please! 45 mins up to two hours. Thanks!

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Make your own in trainingpeaks free account or workout creator. Unlimited possibilities :slight_smile:

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A search for ‘simulation’ leads to lots of scary-looking combination workouts.

Disaster. A bit of everything.

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