Findable, repeat playable exercise videos

I keep coming across interesting off-bike exercise videos then lose track of them. Anyone have a strategy for capturing same for regular repeated play. An efficient way to access/connect is the primary thing.
Secondarily, my interest is in goodd videos with dumbbells and maybe kettle bells, Turkish get-ups and similar for example.

YouTube? Make a playlist. I have several

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YT PL for the win, if that is where the vids exist.

If you have other “random” sites, using something like a personal Google Document, where you can paste links and related info is handy too.

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Don’t understand YT PL. :thinking:

okay just figured it out. Thanks

YouTube Play List… abbreviation.

Was thinking about this recently, and thought that creating a presentation with something like google slides or powerpoint is one way of piecing it all together. Don’t think that Google Slides has a decent autoplay feature for the whole presentation, but you can get embedded video to auto-play.
You could put together quite a good routine in this way, and edit the order etc quite easily.

Central Athlete has a lot of very short videos (10-30 seconds each), makes for a quick review before a workout.

There are a lot of longer videos on YouTube for exercises that are new or complex. Easy to search and find something you like.

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