Finally joined AT, but I have some questions about the training program

I chose a medium volume plan, riding five times a week with two days off, but of course, one of the rest days I could potentially ride the z1-2 interval for an hour.
Although I was able to complete all the high-intensity cycling training, I did feel quite intense and physically exhausted, and I’m not sure if this state is good for my health or a physical warning.
I chose regular pyramid training, i.e. sweet spot training, which is not quite the same as the popular: polarization training inside the forum. I also have my own work and life, I wake up at 6am every day and leave for work at 8am after exercise, I train for about 8 hours a week, I wonder if I need to switch my plan to polarized training in this case?
I personally like long z1-2 endurance training, but maybe because the bike saddle doesn’t fit, I can’t ride for a long time, only two and a half hours at most (after a long time, my genitals become bruised, feeling like a symptom of ischemia caused by prolonged compression).
So, that’s roughly my situation, do I need to make adjustments to my training plan? Or do you guys have other suggestions?

There’s probably a million answers to this… here’s my 2 cents

MV is a lot of intensity if you aren’t used to it. If you’re already questioning whether or not it’s good for your health, it’s probably not for you… at least not yet.

Start with LV as the base, add in z1-2 rides on Wed, Fri, and/or Sun to get to weekly duration targets.

And get your saddle issues sorted out first… bruised genitals is not normal or healthy


I agree with the above, if you’re new or doubting the amount of intensity more isn’t always best. I have a decent amount of experience and somedays I question doing the mid volume plan. I’m 38 male if that means anything.
Low volume doesn’t mean it’s easy, nail those 3 workouts and add z1/2 rides as much as you can without failing those 3 keys workouts on the low volume plan.

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This does not sound like an AT-question but a question about how much volume can you do?
Personaly I can quite happy sustain 4-5 and occasionally 600 TSS of outside riding mostly unstructured with a proper workout thrown in during the summer.
But inside during the winter LV with a bit of outside riding is a good level, there is just no way I could do MV with the rest of life going on.

Following everyone’s advice, I have changed the volume to a low volume level and the auto-generated schedule is for three workouts per week, roughly 3.5 hours of training per week. Depending on my own physical condition and time left, I add train now’s z1-2 endurance training on my own. I hope this is the right configuration for me, I was really not feeling well last night, my heart was beating a little fast, my chest was tight and I was initially a little unable to go to sleep. The picture is my current state of at

In addition, some people suggested that I ride outdoors, I explain why it is difficult for me to achieve.

  1. the nearby road conditions are particularly bad, almost every time I go out the bike will blow a tire :sob:, I do not like to go out for an hour, because the problem of a flat tire wastes half a day or even a day of my time. I’m very bad at changing inner tubes
  2. for reasons of 1, if riding outdoors is likely to be very inefficient, which is why I don’t commute by bike, I worry about being late for work because of the bike :joy:
  3. fall and winter have arrived and it’s really cold to ride outdoors

So, my bike training is all at home riding, I also quite like running, but trainerroad’s Ironman program is not for me, I can only complete a single half horse, can not continue to ride and swim, that is to say, my physical ability only support me to complete a single day of cycling, running, swimming in one of the sports. I’ve been preparing for my exams recently, so I may try Ironman training including swimming after October, before that I may train for indoor cycling and 10km running once or twice a week

A lot of people think “I currently ride x hours per week, and that means I should pick a plan where I ride x hours per week.” And then they think about sweet spot vs. polarized and all that, when it is really an issue of not being accustomed to the training volume.

If you are new to it, start with low volume. If you want to ride more, add more workouts. Another option is to tack on a 30-minute Z2 workout at the end of some of the workouts.

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That should be solvable with good tires, and perhaps going tubeless can also help. In the worst case, you could use something like Schwalbe’s Marathon tires: very heavy, high rolling resistance, but great puncture protection.