Feb 25th Podcast

My fingers are crossed that @Nate_Pearson stops teasing and finally reveals how tall he is :crossed_fingers:


I prefer the term equanimity. :wink:.

Edit: Very interesting to look at my potential extra workouts today. Very different to the recent suggestions. :thinking:
What will happen if I nail Leconte tomorrow? Super mega bonus death ride workout?
That’s what I get for lowering my plan volume a week early.


Updated version:

@Jonathan: Welcome our special guest…TermiNATEor.

TermiNATEor: Hellou.

@Jonathan: You had a long journey. Maybe you don’t know but I everested once…that was a journey!

TermiNATEor: I had to travel back in time…at elevation!! Autonomous bikes are going to take over the world…we’re half way there!

@ambermalika: Happy halfway :slight_smile: !

TermiNATEor: We need you to have more mitochondria and better developed sympathetic nervous system for the “fight or flight” response.

@ambermalika: The human body is so amazing!

TermiNATEor: Chad’s plans were good but there was some youtube shitshow and everyone lost focus… (:thinking: maybe I should have come two weeks earlier :thinking: … damn!)

@chad: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

TermiNATEor: The thing (#1) is…I’ll bring you back on track with some AI plans!

@chad: I need beers…some high ABV stuff.

TermiNATEor: Beers with Chad!

@chad: Minimum effective dose.

TermiNATEor walks away with Chad: I’ll be back!

@IvyAudrain: I’ll report back to the team! Some more details would be nice…

TermiNATEor: I guess you all know the man with the hammer. My buddy Thor will give you the insights.

@Jonathan: TermiNATEor, please leave us a rating.

@Pete enters the the room.


TR has proof of alien life form and not the microorganism kind. They were spotted running into Area 51 empty handed, but left with a bag which can only be described as oddly shaped, ET like. So tomorrow we get to see what aliens really look like, before the TR crew is thrown into a black ops prison and never heard from again.

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I heard it was Ganna shaped :thinking:

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I’ll be honest. I don’t care less if they have polarised plans/masters plans/AI/whatever…all I care about…
When is beers with @chad coming back!!!
Give the people what they want @Nate_Pearson !


Oh maybe that’s it! Maybe the connected-dots/blue-goo graphic means, they have cloned Coach Chad a million times, to start a never ending show of beers with Chad.


TR implements AI training. AI immediately prescribes polarized for everyone :rofl:


This is my uneducated guess of what will truly happen tomorrow…

They WILL address DJ, but not in the way we all hope/think. He will probably will not be in the show. They will acknowledge that SS might not be for EVERYONE , but is good for MOST people, specially people who don’t have a lot of time to be on the bike (one of the pillars of TR is train harder but shorter…)
Then they will show the NOT READY YET new feature coming within the next few months (early summer?). It will more than likely be a new Plan Builder. My guess is that the PB will be more dynamic in what it gives to users. They could feed our data to a neural network to learn the habits of other people who are like us (age, training level, power level, time on the bike, TSS, CTL, etc). This could be use to to recommend the next wo (or 3) based on what they think might be better. Since every day is different, and everyone is different, showing one option is not ideal. This is what the new feature in Beta is about, but currently is probably not as smart as TR would like.
The 3 options will show a recommendation and 2 more, one above and one bellow. If you are feeling great then you can up your game with a harder wo, if you didn’t have a good sleep, or are too stressed, or maybe the last wo wreck you, then you can go lower, OR if you are feeling just right, continue with the recommended path.

All of this will address most people concerns about the plan be too hard all the time. Plus masters plans and other things the users have been asking.
We will not get a truly POL, of Pyramid plans, but we will be able to use the recommendations to carve our own path with training, with an educated guess from an AI.


I don’t see too many comments referring to this, but I’ve seen a few suggesting having DJ on the podcast, so to anyone thinking that I say you must be on something to think it’s a good look for anyone involved to have a contentious live debate lol


Pete’s Instagram post about this podcast tagged the usual TR crew but also Keegan and Jeff of Norcal Cycling


Agreed. It’s a not necessary for DJ to be involved and could likely be counterproductive, IMO. This isn’t about DJ, but the deeper questions he raised WRT training methods and effectiveness.

What would make more sense to me, would be TR looking at the core issues raised and most specifically, the studies at the root of all this discussion. That could take place in part at a higher level in the pending podcast, but also in more depth via the new science podcast version.

It seems likely that there will be at least some sharing of surface level info about their analysis and interpretation, that may lead to whatever “new” stuff may be around the corner. Maybe they will go deeper and share more?


totally, I’m sure if they have any discussion it’ll be framed in the bigger picture and not just going for a singular takedown of one dude’s video. I just think the people who want this sort of face to face between Dylan and the TR team, where it’s possible for things to get at least a little heated, aren’t realizing that sort of interaction wouldn’t reflect well on either Dylan or the TR team. If TR were to have any type of debate with a someone, it would likely be pre-recorded and edited so that any uglier moments could be excluded.


I think there’s no way (some) people aren’t overbuilding this and are setting themselves up for disappointment regardless of what is presented in the podcast


Well, at least then they have more things to complain about! win/win :joy:


TR’s advantage (over anyone in the training field) is their massive library of workout data / ftp per user.
I think (hope) they will use this to show their confidence in the plans.

This data will also surely form the “engine” of whatever new feature keeps being teased so I guess once the current TR traing methodolgy is prooved they will then explain the next step of making more personalised to each indivudal by using the massive data set.

I predcit very little direct (if any) mention of Dylan.

Edit: also hoping they will do away with Ramp tests in the first 5 mins, my next is scheduled for Friday…

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I mentioned this in a PM with a member, but “Asymmetric Risk” springs to mind with a DJ vs TR meetup :stuck_out_tongue:


To be frank though…trainerroad themselves sent a mass mailing specifically advertising this podcast.

IMO…this had better mean a very significant alteration/upgrade/replacement of the training plans themselves…anything else would be a gross oversell on this. If the mass mailing was just teasing a conversation addressing a mild internet kerfuffle…that would be a bit of a joke IMO.


I agree with this. Also, some clarification on the correct pronunciation of the word pyramidal.



Pie Ram Idol ???