Feature Request : Workouts for Tacx Neo Isotonic and Isokinetic Modes

Thats all. Wan’t to use isokinetic and isotonic with trainerroad workouts.



Those are really interesting modes, thanks for submitting the feature request! I’m not sure what this would require on the development side for implementation, but I will pass on your request to the team :+1:


Thanks. Isokinetic mode is excellent for low candence force reps.

How do you personally use the Neo’s isokinetic mode currently?

NB I understand how to invoke the mode using the Utility app; I’m asking specifically about how/whether you make use of this, ie. specific details of any workouts you’ve come up with. tks.

I choose the right speed phone app for reps and after the intervall I change the smaller gear. Have to look timer, becouse can’t use trainerroad…

Isokinetic is better than erg, if you want to do max force.

Hello Bryce, I am a Tacx NEO owner and watched the videos on Isotonic and Isokinetic mode both before and after purchasing it. I would recommend passing these feature requests by Coach Chad before forwarding to development for the following reasons:

Isotonic mode (constant power around the pedal stroke) was what was taught 20 years ago - to “pedal circles” (SRM’s software would show how well you would do). Today, the belief is that a great pedal stroke is a dual ellipse. I think Coach Chad may have mentioned it (i.e. Isotonic mode may not be something that TR wants to promote).

Isokinetic mode (constant cadence) is an interesting idea, but constant cadence training, both low and high cadence (e.g. 120 - 180+), can be learned using Workout Creator.

The graphic includes a simple example of a snippet showing a gradual increase in power commensurate to offset increase in cadence to keep the cyclist seated. The black lines are the representation of the text instructions for what cadence the cyclist should be pedaling at. This particular one I use for warmups (it goes from 95 to 120 in 1 min increments). It is very easy to build them (I have built a few others), including 15 second ones that go as high as the cyclist can handle (think of it as a Ramp drill for cadence).

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Sorry for my bad english. I asked my friend for help …

Here is what I have found the two modes useful for:

The isotonic mode is excellent for short anaerobic intervals where you don’t want to be confined by the power setting of erg-mode, and you don’t want the annoying acceleration-effect that you get without erg-mode (need to shift gears in order to keep up the pedalling power). This is all because isotonic-mode by-passes the flywheel effect. I don’t use the isotonic mode to train pedalling dynamics. The mode feels similar to erg-mode, which is good.

The isokinetic mode is excellent for hard force reps where you set a maximum cadence (like 60rpm) for your workout and want to push as hard as you can.

Overall the problem is that, for short intervals, erg-mode is too limiting with its preset power and without erg-mode you get the annoying acceleration-effect and need to change gears.

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Thanks so much for weighing in! Coach Chad certainly plays a role in the decisions regarding this type of feature, and I appreciate your well though out consideration of this issue, I’ll pass that on was well. We are currently in the middle of an app redesign now, so if we do decide this is something we wish to implement, it will be more of a future focus than a current focus.

Thanks. Trainerroad is going good direction. In the future it can be the only training program i have

That’s our goal! :muscle: :muscle:

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