Feature Request - TrainNow Placeholder

If this would be helpful for other people rather than just me, would it be possible for a TrainNow workout placeholder to be added, that when clicked on takes you straight through to the TrainNow workout selector screen?

I am asking because at the moment, I am using TrainNow 3/4 times a week, so for planning purposes on the calendar have placeholders that say ‘TrainNow Climbing 1hr’ etc etc. When I go and do the workout, I then manually match the workout and the placeholder, which at the start of the week shows this:

and at the end of the week shows this with unfulfilled hours of riding and unplanned TrainerRoad workouts:

Hope I have explained this issue well, I love TrainNow as a feature but for those of us who use it on a regular basis having a TR placeholder would be great, a link in the placeholder to click through to the TrainNow workout selector would be a bonus but it appears in the sidetab regardless. I understand there is an issue with forecasted TSS etc, but I’m sure the clever folk at TR will come up with a clever way of managing that…


I saw the title and thought “good idea”… but when I saw that you’re planning 3 or 4 TrainNow rides a week I wasn’t so sure.

I use TrainNow to add in an extra ride outside planned ones, or sometimes to select a shorter workout when I have less time than programmed. Both of these use cases use TrainNow as an addition to Plan Builder plans. Sometimes I know a day or a few days in advance that I can train on a different day, or if my schedule will make the planned duration impossible, in which case being able to add a placeholder would indeed be useful.

But if you know that you can do a TR workout 3 or 4 times in a week, isn’t Plan Builder a better tool to use? Unless you can only do this for one week and your schedule is really restrictive the rest of the time - but that sounds like sometihing that Plan Builder could be updated to handle, rather than using Train Now all the time (in fact I think TR can sort of handle variable weeks - plan 4 rides a week using Plan Builder, then if you have weeks where you skip rides AT will adapt the following weeks to give you workouts at an appropriate level in a longer-term context)

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Thanks for supporting part of my idea :joy:

I understand what you’re saying but motivation for doing it this way until the end of April is that my wife is overdue our second and alongside existing childcare and work responsibilities I just want to be able to sit down and do a workout of my choice on the day from the three styles of workouts based on how I feel. I’ve done three and a half years of TR and know I don’t have the capability right now to make it through a normal plan, so this is my chosen path.

Nate suggested using TrainNow this way on a recent podcast so I expect there might be some others using it this way too. I’m planning on going onto Plan Builder for the summer with adaptive training once things settle into the normal, or I might just be back using this method if the new baby doesn’t sleep much.

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I dont use Plan Builder anymore. The plans just don’t work for me, dont know why but they don’t. I use a combo of Train Now and self selection for workouts and things are going great.
I think the future of TR lies in Train Now more than template plans.

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I agree, and I also like the slight surprise element. Seeing what workout you might be doing three months in advance used to be a good thing for me, but in general I now know what key workouts I need to be able to complete prior to an event and what leads up to that isn’t of massive concern to me.

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