Feature Request: Tier Your Pricing

I just found out through the forum that TR increased its prices again. Silence is an interesting way of letting people know. That aside, I advocate for TR to tier pricing to the level that people use. As an example- one level for just training, another level for the calendar, another level for analytics. TR is incredibly useful for training for me, but that’s where it stops. The calendar and analytics are subpar for a triathletes and I never use. I would gladly pay less for access to less of what TR has to offer.


Same - if TR is going to charge more than Zwift, time to switch.

TR is expanding to meet the needs of a larger market. And pricing schemes that allow cafeteria shopping of functionality are difficult to devise and implement.

When broken out in a year, TR is $15.83 and zwift is $15 + taxes. In many markets TR is still less expensive.


That’s not entirely accurate, Nate.

That is only the TR price if you are signed up annually. Zwift requires no commitment.

If we are comparing apples to apples in terms of subscription period, TR is $5 more per month.


Zwift vs TR. I know they’re in the same ballpark but honestly do you think they are so similar that TR should be held to their pricing scheme? I certainly don’t.


Interesting question.

Zwift, TR, SufferFest and others are all indoor training options chasing the same client base. Obviously most of them aren’t mutually exclusive options, but when you look at the other subscriptions out there as well that many people may well be using - TrainingPeaks/Today’s Plan etc, maybe buying WKO5 etc - it adds up. Saying that ‘oh, it’s so cheap, why complain’ isn’t really a valid point - it’s not just the cost of TR, it’s the cost of TR and cost of available alternatives. Responsible adults think about what they spend money on.

Zwift is interesting in that they don’t offer a cheaper annual plan. Conversely, you can suspend membership any time. TR is cheaper for an annual subscription…or is it? If you’re only using TR eight months out of the year, the monthly option was cheaper. For that user, at $20 a month, TR is now more expensive than just about any other option out there. I’m not saying it is or isn’t worth it, it’s just worth pointing out.

I currently use Zwift, TR and SufferFest. I use WKO for analytics and use TrainingPeaks Premium for planning and because it’s ubiquitous (literally every platform and device connects to it).

Zwift is $180 a year. SUF is $99/year. WKO is a one-time purchase, cost to upgrade to WKO5 is $129, if we assume four years to the next release, that’s $32/year. TrainingPeaks was $90 with a coupon. TR is $99. That’s $500. Is that a lot? Hard to say - on the one hand, a coach is probably around $300-500 a month.

On the other hand…SUF is half the price of TR following the price increase. TR on its own - as a platform for workouts - definitely competes with SUF and Zwift in some aspects. SUF workouts are - perhaps obviously - more enjoyable than a TR workout. I like Coach Chad’s in-workout peptexts, but it’s not quite the same as pumping music and video with a storyline :wink: TR also isn’t as engaging as Zwift group rides and races. Which is fine, the guys are clear that they focus only on what makes you faster, how you entertain yourself while on the bike is up to you.

Of course, TR isn’t just a platform of workouts. Adding calendar and analytics functions means it’s probably more of a competitor for TrainingPeaks. I’d happily give up TrainingPeaks Premium and WKO to get the same or at least similiiar functionality with TR. I think that’s where TR is headed. Not quite there yet - if the price increase gets TR there faster, I’m all for it, and would happily pay more for it.