Feature Request: Specifying Multiple Power Levels for a Workout

I’d love a feature that allows me to set multiple “effort levels” for the various parts of a workout before beginning the workout.

For example, in an aerobic endurance workout at 65% to 75% FTP that has some late stage sprints, the sprints are at a lower effort level than if they were occurring in a workout that was based on a higher FTP. It would be nice to have a feature that allows me to specify the sprint effort level to be at 120% for that workout rather than having to make the change during the workout and then reverting back to 100% effort after each sprint and then back up to 120% for the next sprint and then back down, etc.

Another option to consider would be to incorporate something along the lines of the Sufferfest’s Four-Dimensional Power Profile, allowing me to have specify one power level for aerobic endurance workouts and a different power level for sprint-focused workouts, etc.

I know I can create custom workouts from scratch and can even model a custom workout off of an existing one to achieve some of this, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to throw something out there for consideration.

Workout creator, build your own!


They also alluded to a feature to better set vo2 max workout levels in the last podcast.