Feature Request: Selective Adaptation


IS there any possibility to select which workout to select? For example, after last evening’s workout, AT recommended 11 changes but do I really need to accept all? CAn we add a feature where it can be selective?


I brought up this exact thing in another Adaptive Training thread the other day (Adaptive Training is now in Open Beta! - #178 by mwglow15) and @IvyAudrain said that a feature request was submitted! So hopefully it’s a relatively simple and quick implementation.


Plus one for this


Sorry if this has already been requested, could not find on a quick saerch of the forum.

I have been using Adaptive Training for a while now and generally really like it. However, sometimes I want to force certain progressions whilst being happy to go with the plan for the rest. When AT offers adaptations to the plan I can though only accept or reject all of the adaptations. Sometimes I will want to accept some, and reject others.

For example, I am on a LV polarised plan and the Sunday endurance workout is generally only 2hours long. I have been doing longer rides and want to keep pushing the endurance progression, so have selected a longer alternate. AT though keeps wanting to revert back to the original endurance workout. At the same time, it is wanting to make other adaptations to the plan that I am happy with. In this case, I tend to reject all the adaptations.

So could we have the option to pick which adaptations to accept and reject please?

If there is already a way to do this then happy to be educated…


I moved your request under an existing one with the same objective.

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Has there been any updates on this request? I’d love to be able to select which workouts to change. And if not has anyone found a work-around?


A more strategic approach might make the most sense. I don’t necessarily want to make the choice for which workouts to change or adapt. Instead I’d rather trainer road look at performing the calculations at the end of a week or beginning of a new week. Doing it at the end of a workout just feels like there are too many adjustments and over compensation. In some cases I move my workouts around based on when I have time to do them. Sometimes I miss one workout for the week, in other cases, I do it later in the week when there is an off day.
Ultimately, I don’t want to be asked every time I step up the level of a workout or come back after missing a workout.

Agreed. I did a workout yesterday and it was super hard, but it was out of character for me (Not sure why). And since then it’s suggesting I lower the intensity on a bunch of following threshold workouts. Today, I did a Vo2 workout and it felt moderate, next week it’s raised the intensity and tripled the intervals. I think I could do the vo2, but am not sure I want to reduce the threshold.

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